Senior Living Facilities Overview

Heritage housekeeping and laundry services and staff serve to complement the needs and culture of senior living communities - including skilled nursing facilities, life plan communities, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation and memory care centers. The Hainse family founded Heritage in 1989 in response to witnessing their own grandmother’s long-term care situation. From that moment forward, Heritage has worked to raise the standard of hygiene in senior care facilities. We are built around the belief that every aging person deserves the highest level of care.

Heritage supports resident wellness in the following ways:

  • Our standard is an odor-free, visibly and clinically clean environment.
  • Heritage staff understands that your residents must be completely satisfied with their own home. This is forefront in our mind as we do our job every day.
  • The technology choices we make (i.e., environmentally suitable chemicals and vacuums that actually improve air quality) are driven by a desire to maximize resident wellness.
  • Our contracts are designed to provide the right level of staffing to ensure that our teams consistently deliver an absolute standard of clean.
  • Our laundry management further sets us apart. Heritage offers numerous grades of linens and garments, ensuring soft fabrics and resident comfort.
  • Our ability to work closely with your in-house team and relate to your residents can positively contribute to your facility’s culture and sense of community.

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Cranston, RI 02910
(800) 359-2584
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