Housekeeping/Environmental Hygiene

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More than 25 years of establishing and managing facility housekeeping has taught us to focus on what matters most:

  • An odor-free, visibly- and clinically clean environment.
  • Accountability to regulatory compliance: CMS, Department of Health, OSHA and the Joint Commission.  
  • One fixed annual cost that is cost competitive with other suppliers and often significantly less than the price of in-house programs.
  • Management of cross-contamination risks by working closely with infection-control teams to optimize programs. (Clinical settings only)
  • Innovative technology to further limit opportunities for cross-contamination.
  • Automatic dilution control to ensure proper application of chemicals and reduce the risk while helping to contain costs.

How our cleaning contributes to the wellness of your patients and residents:

  • Our staff makes sure that your patients/residents are completely satisfied.
  • Our staff understands that working closely with your in-house team positively contributes to the facility’s culture.
  • More environmentally suitable chemicals are used to significantly reduce harmful toxins and carcinogens.
  • Improved air quality results from our vacuum technology ensuring that pollen, mold, bacteria and dust are removed, not redistributed.

Fully Accountable Client Service is a point of pride:

  • Dedicated Facility Managers full time on site.
  • Regular District Managers visits with customized inspection reports.
  • Full accessibility to Senior Management. Simply call us.
  • Detailed client surveys for comprehensive feedback at regular intervals. 

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