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Heritage works tirelessly to raise the standard of hygiene in the hospital environment.

We bring our expertise to a variety of hospital environments each and every day, including acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, long term acute care hospitals (LTACH’s), as well as behavioral health and psychiatric facilities. In all cases, our mission statement supports the notion that every patient deserves the highest level of care. Here is how Heritage supports patient wellness:


  • Our standard is an odor-free, visibly and clinically clean environment.
  • Heritage staff understands that your patients must be completely satisfied. This is always forefront in our mind as we do our job.
  • The technology choices we make (i.e., environmentally suitable chemicals and vacuums that improve air quality) are driven by patient wellness.
  • Contracts that provide the right level of staffing allow our teams to consistently deliver an absolute standard of clean and infection control.
  • Our laundry management sets us apart. We offer numerous grades of linens and insure that all linens and garments are soft and comfortable.
  • Our ability to work closely with your in-house team and relate to patients can positively contribute to your hospital or medical center’s culture and sense of community.

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Cranston, RI 02910
(800) 359-2584
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